ACU Teens


ACU Kids

Rainbow Acupuncture provides 1 to 1 treatment for children from 12 weeks old.  

As well as this we are keen to develop ACU Kids groups where parents and children can come together the children can receive treatment and the parents can meet each other and receive support and create community around healing.

If you know several children who could benefit from treatment of either the same or different conditions and like the idea of combining healing with a play date the ACU kids concept is just right for you.

Children of all ages can be treated and groups can be of mixed age groups - we can carry out the clinic in a home environment or look at venue hire according to your groups needs.

To discuss this concept further please get in touch by phone or email.

Being a teenager is difficult and there are increased demands on the body both physically and mentally.  Acupuncture can be a really useful way to support young people at this time.

Rainbow Acupuncture are keen to establish community clinics where young people can come together and discuss any physical or mental health issues and receive advice and treatment to help them to manage this crucial time in their life.

Groups can be friends who would like to try the treatment or the experience could be integrated into a youth group or clubs activities.

To discuss this concept further please get in touch by phone or email.