The Rainbow ACU Concept

As well as weekly clinics Rainbow Acupuncture is passionate about reaching out to as many people as possible to introduce them to the benefits of acupuncture.   This passion lead to the ACU (Acupuncture Created Unity) concept. 

This involves therapeutic experiences both in the short or long-term where people can come together experience acupuncture, healing and support.

Some ACU concepts are described below but If you are keen to establish an alternative ACU group not mentioned here or have ideas for potential new concepts or groups who would benefit from treatment we would love to hear from you.

ACU Kids

Children can receive acupuncture from 12 weeks old, Rainbow Acupuncture is keen to explore avenues for reaching out to groups of children and establishing community children's clinics so parents can also meet other parents and offer support.

ACU Yoga

If you are a fan of yoga and acupuncture why not let Rainbow Acupuncture assist you in combining the two.  We offer an extended yoga class which combines acupuncture with the Yoga nidra at the end of each class.  

ACU Mums

Post partum is a crucial time for women when there are often a lot of demands on the mind and body and little time left for recovery from the birth experience.  We want to work with groups of new mums to provide healing and support at this special time.

ACU Business

Introducing a weekly or monthly acupuncture session for employees is a great way to give back.  Acupuncture can not only offer a fantastic opportunity to de-stress but it can also work on any problems that can arise from desk work. 

ACU Gong

ACU Gong is a unique experience which combines sound healing with acupuncture.  It provides a perfect introduction and opportunity to benefit from both these healing modalities in one treatment.  A deeply  relaxing and innovative approach. 

ACU Retreats

Rainbow Acupuncture are really keen to further integrate acupuncture into the retreat experience.  Traditionally acupuncture is received daily to evoke optimal healing results so integrating this with a retreat is perfect.